The Barbell Social Podcast Launching Dec 2016

Visit The Barbell Social and subscribe so you can see the release date of the first episode of the podcast! This is a podcast focused on Canadian elite weightlifters and talking about what’s going on in the weightlifting community in Canada and around the world!  Show some support for a new project! 


First Official Weightlifting Meet (4 Weeks Out)

Last week, I officially registered as an Olympic Lifter under the Ontario Weightlifting Association. Right after, I registered for my very first meet in London, Ontario for the Hybrid Open. I am really excited to just get a total for this meet and officially start competing! I think I am going to be training through … More First Official Weightlifting Meet (4 Weeks Out)

Heavy Day *PR ALERT*

Today was a heavy day for my snatches and Clean & Jerks. I was excited about it however, my body hasn’t been feeling the greatest over the past week. My knees have really been bothering but that is totally my fault. I stopped doing the Limber 11 warm-up which really agreed with my lower extremities … More Heavy Day *PR ALERT*

Quote of the Day

We live in a world of “Negative Nancy’s”. I know people that just walk into the room and all they  want to do is deliver negative energy. It becomes exhausting to deal with and sometimes contagious. These are the same people that will have you second guessing your dreams or goals. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. This … More Quote of the Day

Motivation Grid

I found a website called Motivation-Grid which is a hub of quotes and video links for motivation! Check out the youtube videos I have posted here. Most of them are speeches but very thought provoking! Be Phenomenal Resiliency -Quinnie 🙂


Let me first apologize for me crazy face and hair!  It’s been just about 9 – 10 weeks into this Olympic lifting training plus a little crossfit conditioning. I woke up this morning and noticed “morning abs” but I figured taking a picture would be cheating! So I took these photos below prior to training … More GAINZZZZ + Genes

Quote of the Day

  THIS IS A LIFE QUOTE!!  I can’t tell you how many times I have planned out certain things in my life (school, track and etc.) and something goes horribly wrong. The idea is to know how to adjust! Keeping my eye on the goal will get me through any barriers life has to go … More Quote of the Day