Le Comfort Zone

A friend of mine showed me this image a year ago…. 

I have committed to myself that the next 12 months would be about fully stepping out of my comfort zone. I am so accustomed to doing things that are a part of the norm but I don’t want to be normal. When I finally do decide to step out, the first setback has me crawling back. Here are a few ways that I am taking a leap out of my comfort zone.


To all the people that blog on a regular basis….I salute you! Trying to connect to people you don’t really know with words is not easy.


Setting goals are easy but telling people your goals is much harder. I would usually avoid telling people my goals because they would hold me accountable. I’m prepared to hear that I am full of s***.


My initial intention was to do powerlifting (bench, squat & deadlift), which are lifts that I enjoy doing, my competitive comfort zone. Olympic lifting will force me to work on technique in a way that will possibly take me months before I get it together. With the motivation from WCF coaches, I’ve decided to focus on becoming a competitor in Olympic lifting. 


I would avoid posting too many photos and or video of me lifting and changes to my body. Does it make me vain?   I hope not. I want to share my progress and hopefully motivate others to try something new (corny right?).


This is the real struggle…I weight 160# and I feel it. If I embrace a healthy lifestyle the rest is a cakewalk. Once upon a time I did but you know how that goes. 

Here we go! 


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