GeauxLs: Cycle 1

I haven’t been lifting too much since the track season finished so I am a little excited to get back into it! Here are some pr’s of my lifts:

Personal Records (pr)

Snatch = 56kg (125#), Cleans = 84kg (185#), Clean and Jerk = 70kg (155#), Back Squat= 2@265lbs Front Squat = 245lbs Bench Press= 180lbs Deadlift= 355lbs 

My Goals at the end of Cycle 1 (5 weeks)

Snatch = 70kg , Cleans = 90kg, Clean and Jerk = 80kg, Back Squat= 136kg, Front Squat =115kg

Optimistic or Pessimistic?

Regardless, whenever I go to the gym I always expect to see some kind of change a couple of weeks in. Can’t wait to give an update! 

– Quinnie


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