Welcome Upper Body Mobility

You have to stretch your arms? 

As a triple jumper, I’ll admit that I never really focused on stretched or rolling out my arms and shoulders. I was really focused on trying to maintain mobility in my legs so I could continue training. Over the last week I realized I can’t do that with Olympic Lifting. I was starting to feel pain in my shoulder (rotator cuff) and concerned that I might have injured myself. Coach Shaun gave me a simple mobility exercise with a lacrosse ball to roll out potential knots in my upper back….CLUTCH. That pain went down drastically! 

New Mobility Exercises: use LAX ball roll upper back, resistance band shoulder roll/movement

Working on my shoulder mobility is so important to me at this point! Get the bar on my shoulder is the easy part but once my arms go over my head it’s such a struggle (I have a hard time hiding it in my face). The picture above is me in pigeon pose while reaching back for my opposite leg. I worked for weeks to be able to get that back leg to touch my butt! I was really persistent and incorporated in my warmup and cool down. Improving my should mobility will make life a little easier when it comes time to PR. 

Here is a video from training this week. Check out the look on my face! I think that’s 75# on the bar for a push jerk. 

Still chipping away…one day grasshopper.



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