My Mind Tries To Be a Goalie


When I got started on the new program I was lifting 5 times a week. That’s 2 days more than I am normally used to. I was always taught to take a recovery day in between days of lifting really heavy. I am still really new to the style of olympic lifting 5 times a week and my back was starting to feel the pain. It could have been from a combination of things but I knew that it was time for me to slow down a bit. I decided to go back to doing 3 times a week incorporating WOD classes in between.

With that being said…WODs are hard. I’m not in the greatest shape but I am also not doing everything I can to get myself there either. M, W, F are now the designated days to do a WOD no matter what it is (I used to be picky and choosy about which ones i’ll do based on skill level). Yes I am competitive, so I do beat myself up when I know we are doing a skill that I am not familiar with or good at. I just want to be efficient in anything that I am doing. So, a friend of mine convinced me to start doing a foundation class so that I can learn some of the skills that are incorporated in the WODs. It’s been super helpful and made practicing movements a lot better. For example, prior to taking the foundations class, I tried doing the kipping pull ups in a WOD with a band and I truly believed that there was ZERO advantage to kipping. Through the class, I realized that there were small cues that I was completely off on. I did a WOD for the first time with no band for the pull ups and also felt that the pull ups were the best part of the WOD (win).

To hold myself accountable to improving these skills here are some goals!

1) Handstand Pushups – Can this life just choose me?!?!

GOAL: 10 strict – full range of motion, from the ground like a boss

How: I’m not quite sure i’ll find out. But i’ve been youtubing to figure out key things that I’m missing.

Bonus: Deficit Handstand Pushups

**This is one goal that I would be sooooooo happy to achieve!!!

2) Ring Dips – Another movement I find to be fun now that I know how to do it!

GOAL: 15 strict

How: NEGATIVES & TEMPO will be my best friends! 

3) Pull ups – This is a basic movement that I used to be able to do very well but fell off big time.

GOAL: 6 – 10 pull ups in a set.

How: Chip away at it! Using a band with variety of colors to show when I have moved up closer to my goal.

Bonus: Butterflyyyyyyy (the one that looks like a blast!!)

There are a lot times in the past when I’ve felt like “Holy shit, I’m never going to get there”. I feel like this when I see a 200# clean and jerk or even a 80kg snatch. Now I’ve also piled on these skills that I’m so motivated to want to learn but I feel like will take forever. As long as I keep chipping away at it my mind will start believing I will get there. The time will go by anyway.

My hope is that maybe learning some of these skills will translate into my olympic lifting and make my press or jerk look SMOOTH!



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