New PRs!! … Cycle 2 Begins


It is finally the end of this 6 week cycle which means it was time to test my lifts. We don’t normally test things like Squats or Presses. Those are some PR’s that I got to test through the past couple of weeks in the WOD’s. However, this past Saturday I got to test my Clean & Jerk and Snatch. Good news is … I PR’d in both lifts (yayy me).

Snatch PR = 140# or 63.6kg —-old PR was 125#

Keep in mind that the snatch is a relatively new lift for me! I am still digging away at my weaknesses and technique. The most difficult part of this lift is maintaining the overhead position. OVERHEAD SQUATS AND PRESSING are going to be my new best friends. That same week I got a 2 rep max for overhead squat of 145 so I’m going to assume that as long as my Overhead squats get better my Snatch will increase. I’d prefer to focus on technique with the snatch for the next couple of weeks and fight to increase strength in other areas that will support the snatch weight. Extremely happy about this 19kg away from the 80kg goal!

Next 6 week cycle goal: 160# …. no accessory work, no 160# !

Clean and Jerk PR = 165# or 75kg —-old PR was 155#

I am struggling here! Cleans used to be fun…what happened? I really thought I would be able to hit 170 but I psyched myself after the 165 and decided not to attempt it. I’ll never know unless I try right? Well the truth is the 165 felt soooo heavy on the overhead portion! I learned a few technical cues that I was missing so I will be working on that over the next couple of weeks. Technique is everything! Once I nail the technique 200# will be there in no time. I can definitely clean that amount but that doesn’t count for anything.

Next 6 week cycle goal: 180# …. no accessory work, no 180# !

The key will be focusing on getting the accessory work done. I really need to work on my shoulders, triceps and lats (bro talk)…

In the next couple of weeks, I should have an idea as to what I want my competitive season to look like (Meets and Weight Class).

Until next time!



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