Mock Weightlifting Meet *PR Alert*

Windsor Barbell Club hosted a mock weightlifting competition on August 15th. I was really excited to get an idea and a feeling of the pace of a weightlifting meet. There were 4 female competitors so the pace was pretty fast. 

Prior to the meet I set a goal of hitting 145# in the snatch and 170# in the clean and jerk. I wasn’t entirely sure how to warm up for the snatch prior to starting my opening lift so I did what I would normally do. I thought I was going to open up at 130# in the snatch but I chickened out and went for 121# opener…weakkkk (let me humble myself). Anyway… I made that lift, made a big jump to 62kg and smoked the hell out of my knee with the bar (earned a nice goose egg on my knee). I decided to move the weight up to 63kg so that I can get a bit of break for my knee. I ended up making the 63kg/139lbs snatch! 

Next up we had the clean and jerk. My training partner showed up to the meet and actually coached me through the warm up! I felt a lot more confident starting my opening lifts. I believe my opener was 155# and I nailed. The clean portion felt really smooth throughout the competition and I really focused staying tight on the jerk. I made all three lifts in the jerk and ended up with a new personal record of 170#! 

My mock meet total was 63/77/140. 

Ontario Provincials Standard is 145 and Canadian National Championships Standard is 150.

Back to training now, the next time I test my max I’m hoping to hit 70kg snatch/80kg Clean and Jerk (notice the 150 total šŸ˜‰ ) 

With being two months into training in this new sport, I’m definitely enjoying the current progress! 

Still hungry for more!!

Second Place Finish…lost by 0.3 on Sinclair! She was an AWESOME competitor!

 Opening lift at 55kg — made it!

I either made this lift or smoked my knee reaaallll nice!



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