Let me first apologize for me crazy face and hair! 

It’s been just about 9 – 10 weeks into this Olympic lifting training plus a little crossfit conditioning. I woke up this morning and noticed “morning abs” but I figured taking a picture would be cheating! So I took these photos below prior to training today (2:30pm) and after eating some carbs  …I’m gaining some definition. I was always told by one of my track coaches in the past to lay off the shoulder presses because my shoulders become massive very quickly. This is a fact. I was blessed with the ability to gain muscle very fast. The turn around is the curse of a lack of mobility if I’m not consistent with it…which in turn makes the muscle useless (for example my shoulders + hamstrings)

I have been reeeeaallllyyyyyyy working on strengthening my back! One of the main things I have been hearing from coaches and veteran athletes is that you need a strong back to do Olympic lifts. My back isn’t very strong but it will be I promise! I’m starting to notice more definition in my back which is pretty awesome! Too much bro talk…

Until next time…. Where you at with your goals? 



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