Heavy Day *PR ALERT*

Today was a heavy day for my snatches and Clean & Jerks. I was excited about it however, my body hasn’t been feeling the greatest over the past week. My knees have really been bothering but that is totally my fault. I stopped doing the Limber 11 warm-up which really agreed with my lower extremities and I haven’t been showing my body any TLC lately. Things like rolling out with the foam roller and LAX ball has definitely been lacking in my training. Today, I decided to do the Limber 11 warm-up and SURPRISE…no knee pain.

Snatches today had quite a bit of volume to get started. I started off with a few sets of 3, then moved down to 2 rep and then some singles. One of my coaches just watched a few of the snatches and mentioned “my snatches at lighter weights need to look the same as the snatches I do at heavy weights”. This is definitely not the case for me because at light weights I struggle with a rhythm of getting under the bar. However, at the heavier weights, I’m a lot less sloppy and more concerned about technique because I don’t want to hurt myself. Usually at the lighter weights, I am reckless with whipping the bar off my hips and also always catching in the power position as oppose to being in a full squat. Anyway, Here’s how snatching turned out:

125# = Catch was fine … slightly on my toes

135# = Catch was fine…again slightly on my toes (walking)

145# = Missed the first attempt behind and caught the second attempt (long wait at the bottom). (NEW PR)

150# = SOOOO… in my opinion, I didn’t finish the pull. the bar fell forward. However, my GOD did it feel easy.

My biggest issue right now with the snatch is technique (duh). Picking up the bar is no problem for me, there was no hesitation to pick up 150#. The real issue is am I moving efficiently.

Moving on to the clean and jerk….I was so chicken shit about my knees!! I didn’t want to do too much volume with this so I decide to just work up in singles. I reached a new 1RM  with my clean and jerk which is nice. ALL the cleans were really ugly. My chest was really forward and I was on my toes. One wonderful thing that happened today however, is that I walked up to 175# bar for a clean and jerk with zero hesitation. In my mind, I knew I could lift that weight. I have gained a lot of confidence in this weight range! I have really been working on my overhead lifts these past couple weeks and it has certainly been paying off. Being able to recognize what the weight feels like overhead is usually my main concern (the fear is real).. Here is how it went:

145# = cake walk

165# = confident

175# = Good! Need to feel more solid.

185# = Ballsy jump, legs were feeling a little dead at this point. had to fight out of the bottom. Core didn’t stay tight. Had to make sure I was on my heels before going into the second part of the lift and I missed the jerk. According to Dan, the bar got out in front. Signaled also that I could be getting tired. IT WAS THERE!!! I couldn’t get my mind off of it. I need to shake this off and continue to work hard towards achieving this lift with ease.

Obviously, every training day isn’t going to be perfect. It’s so easy to stay excited about lifting when everything is going well. I’m beginning to shift my mindset towards learning to stay motivated during the shitty training sessions! Hopefully there aren’t too many of those! 😉

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