On December 19, there was a Olympic lifting competition at Windsor CrossFit. This competition was set up about two months prior so I had plenty of time to prepare and look forward to it. After the competition in London in October, I was very antsy to compete again. In Ontario, there aren’t too many competitions from month-to-month. My objective for this competition was to hit a 200 pound clean and jerk. At this point in time I had only hit 185 pounds so I had to find 15 pounds in about less than two months. I trusted the programming I was on would get me to where I wanted to be by the end of December. My weaker lift is definitely the snatch. My max at this point was only 145 pounds and I’ve only hit that weight once. The issue with getting better in the snatch is that I don’t have consistent coaching so a lot of the times I’m a little worried that the weight is heavy because I’m not in the right position so I just don’t practice it as often.
My Goal: Snatch 70kg / 155lbs & Clean and Jerk 91kg / 200lbs
Training between the end of October and the beginning of December was going really well. I was hitting personal record after personal record on a weekly basis in some area of my lifts. These personal records helped me stay motivated in knowing that I was going to hit my goal numbers. The only real positive feedback I have about the snatch was that my power snatch increased by 10 pounds and I improved my actual snatch by 5 pounds. Unfortunately, I’ve realized that chasing the numbers for the snatch is not realistic, it’s more so being consistent with the lift that I would really enjoy.

WEIGH-IN: 71kg 


SNATCH: 62kg


***Hitting my openers guaranteed having a PR Total (current PR Total:145)



ATTEMPT 1: 62kg (miss) **overpulled

ATTEMPT 2: 62kg (red lighted) ** power snatched easy but didn’t wait for down signal

ATTEMPT 3: 62kg (make) 


ATTEMPT 1: 85kg (make) ** very easy

ATTEMPT 2: 88kg (make)

ATTEMPT 3: 91kg (make) ** caught the clean funny and the jerk was wackkk

I definitely didn’t feel like I was in competition mode for the snatch, I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have. My coach felt that I should’ve gone up to 69kg after missing 62kg on my second attempt. The power snatch was very easy and it went up very quick however I wanted to win as opposed to maximizing the snatch. Now that I look back on it I should’ve taken the 69 kg instead to see if my mind could’ve got me there based off of how the second attempt went. The clean and jerk went exactly as planned I hit my 200 pound goal. A part of me trying to prepare before the competition, I tried to think that I can hit 205 or 210 as a clean and jerk but that would require a higher opener which I would have to convince my coach to let me do. But with the final clean and jerk I did catch the clean funny because I’ve never cleaned 200 pounds before. I’ve power cleaned 200 pounds but I think I’m capable of adding another 20 to 30 pounds for a tough clean. YES I SAID I THINK I CAN CLEAN 220-230lbs! 
Great competition and awesome participation from the members at Windsor Crossfit! 
– Quinnie


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